Yvette Simpson leads John Cranley in mayoral primary, Richardson in 3rd

Three will become two in mayoral race after primary election (WKRC)

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CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Tuesday is “Primary Election Day” in the city of Cincinnati.

Three candidates for mayor will be narrowed to two for November.

Yvette Simpson has a comfortable lead over incumbent John Cranley. Rob Richardson Jr. is behind both in 3rd place.

Mayor John Cranley is running for his second term as mayor. Cranley also served several years on city council. He defeated Roxanne Qualls to become mayor in 2013.

Yvette Simpson likely would have been a shoo-in for another city council term, but she decided to run for mayor instead, favored by what you might call the progressive wing of the democratic party.

Rob Richardson, Jr. is the former chair of the University of Cincinnati Board of Trustees, running for office for the first time, citywide that is. He was once elected president of the UC student body.

Among the key issues in the race are economic development, both downtown and in the neighborhoods, public safety, mass transportation including the streetcar and the hard to define but still important quality of leadership.

"The city is doing well but we have more to do. we've added 7800 jobs and put 100 cops on the streets. we've balanced the budget and invested in neighborhoods, and we shouldn't turn our backs on that progress," said John Cranley.

"I think the time for leadership is now. I've had a good run on council. it's been six years. I worked with two very different mayors. and what I know is we need a very different kind of leadership. we need an on the ground leadership that's responsive to the community first.," said Yvette Simpson.

"I think the voters are ready for a change. there are three candidates but only two choices. the other two haven't provided the leadership the city needs. I’m going to provide an innovative path," said Rob Richardson Jr.

Even though turnout is expected to be low, the Board of Elections director is projecting 20 percent, that would be higher than the mayoral primary four years ago when only six percent of registered voters cast a ballot.

It was pretty clear back then that John Cranley and Roxanne Qualls would be the top two vote-getters.

There were two other independent candidates.

Local 12 will provide the voter totals when they are available.

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