Travel, Sports and Boat Show held at Duke Energy Center

The Peanut is equipped with a tent and a room that snaps in below the tent. (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (Megan Moore) - It may feel like summer is a long ways away, but you don't have to travel far to beat that case of cabin fever.

The Travel, Sports and Boat show is being held at the Duke Energy Center Sunday. It kicked off Friday and will pick up again Wednesday, Jan. 20 and continue until Sunday, Jan. 24.

The show has many exhibitors in every kind of recreational industry from camping, boating and fishing to rock climbing, spelunking and paddleboarding. The show even features the Cincinnati Golf Show which started Friday and runs until Sunday.

Camping, for example, is a popular outdoor activity, but one exhibitor at the show can turn traditional camping into "glamping."

Andy Biggs of Nuthouse Industries has a deluxe model of an exhibition camping trailer. While more popular on the west coast, this style of vehicle is beginning to grow in popularity here.

"The Peanut," as it is called, features a 100-watt solar panel that powers all your energy needs while camping. The vehicle comes with a cooler and a kitchen with a two-burner stove. A tent sits above the vehicle and a room can be snapped in underneath it. The model also comes with a hot water shower and a tank that holds 50 gallons.

"You can stay off-the-grid for as long as you want," said Biggs.

For the more traditional approach to camping, RVs are also a big hit at the show.

Patrick Elliot of RV's-R-Us said that he has campers and RVs that can fit everyone's lifestyle and budget.

One mini-camper is so light that it can be pulled by a smart car. Starting at $8,200, this camper weighs only 600 pounds and comes with a flat screen television, air conditioning and a stereo.

There are also the more traditional RVs. Some models are so well-equipped with amenities that they can become houses on wheels. Elliot said that many people choose to make their RVs their permanent home.

"You can spend six months in Florida, then come back to Ohio for another six months," he joked.

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