Two teachers to retire from St. Veronica after combined 82 years

Two teachers with a combined 80 years of teaching to retire from St. Veronica in Union Township (WKRC)

UNION TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKRC) - With a combined eighty years of teaching experience, Susan Haushalter and Sister Delouise Menges defined the role of 'teacher' at St. Veronica School in Union Township.

When the school year ends in just a couple weeks, the two treasured educators will say goodbye.

"Just the life that has gone through this building, and the exchange of ideas has been very enlivening for me." says Menges.

"The people here are fabulous." adds Haushalter. "The generations of families that I have met have been part of my journey."

A lot has changed over the last four decades, but both Mrs. Haushalter and Sister Del have done more than just keep up. They've managed to stay ahead of the curve.

"Is it exhausting?" ponders Haushalter. "It can be. But if it's something you love, and you like to see the sparkle in their eyes, it gives you energy, and therefore it's fun to come back and do it again, and again."

"It's all about the relationship." says Menges. "It's the relationship between you and the student, and I think learning is that way. The more there's a relationship, the more learning goes on."

Walking away will be tough for both women, but they'll do so, knowing they've left their mark.

"Just seeing students come back, and they've gone on with their lives, and they're doing what they wanted to do, I think that's very, very rich." says Megnes.

"It's an awesome feeling" adds Haushalter. "Because you see how this has been a part of their foundation, and they come back because they see what St. Veronica has given them throughout all the years."

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