UC recruits get CPD training with emphasis on de-escalation

UC recruits get CPD training with emphasis on de-escalation (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - For the first time ever, two University of Cincinnati police recruits will get some of the best training in the country.

They are training with the new Cincinnati police recruit class.

Physical conditioning is one piece of the seven-month training at the Cincinnati Police Academy.

The officers in training include one with a master's degree, 19 with bachelor degrees, and 8 with military experience. One speaks Arabic and for the first time, two recruits are from the University of Cincinnati Police Department.

"I graduated with a bachelor's degree from Christian University I use that with things I learn here I put them both together I think that will be a strong asset of mine,” said UC Police recruit Maurice Milton.

In recent years, men and women accepted into the academy have serious communication skills. Training emphasizes critical thinking. That fits into UC's new use of force policy.

"Use of force policy is about making better decisions, de-escalating instead of escalating Etc. We adopt that whole heartedly,” said UC Safety Director James Whalen.

De-escalation. Everyone heard a lot about that during the trial for former UC cop Ray Tensing, who shot and killed Sam DuBose during a traffic stop off campus.

Some experts testified that Tensing could have “de-escalated” the situation but wasn't really trained to do so.

Academy training includes high pressure “shoot, don't shoot” scenarios.

"Sometimes, the smart thing to do is step back, regroup, wait for backup and talk your way out of it,” said Cincinnati Police Lt. Bruce Hoffbauer.

In the class, there are familiar names, sons and daughters of Cincinnati Police Officers including Emily Heine who is inspired by her parents. An education that stressed service to community and the shooting death of Officer Sonny Kim in 2015

"When Sonny Kim was shot, it hit me the biggest, service is putting my life out there for them every single day,” said CPD recruit Emily Heine.

Officers you will see on the streets and on campus will be highly trained and with heart.

Tasers have also been re-introduced to the UC Police Department,

The university banned the use of tasers in 2011 after a UC Police officer tased a teen who went into cardiac arrest and died. The officer was responding to a report of a fight outside a dorm.

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