Undercover kindness: CPD officer makes a habit of helping others

CPD officer makes a habit of helping others (WKRC)

NORTHSIDE, Ohio (WKRC) - A Cincinnati Police officer's kindness is getting some recognition on social media.

Earlier this month, a woman from Norwood posted about an interaction she had with Specialist Kevin Newman on the Support the Blue Cincy Facebook page.

Amber Mounce ran out of gas in Northside and approached the District 5 officer to see if he could help. Newman drove her to the BP in Northside and not only paid for a gas can, but also for the gas. He didn't stop there.

Mounce says he started chatting with a homeless man at the gas station. "He walks up to him and asks him how he's doing and the first thing he says was, 'Are you hungry?'"

Newman bought the man a meal like he's done countless times before. Newman's partner told Mounce that he does this all the time. He's practically a household name at the gas station.

"He help people out. He buy them food, gas, and he don't judge us. He don't judge us. He's all around good guy," says Pamela Dubose who's lived in Northside for 25 years.

Newman is humble. He'd prefer his deeds go unnoticed and he's quick to point out that he's not alone. "I love our department. I'm proud to work here and I think that every officer--not just myself--but every single one I work with is an amazing person," he says.

What most people who've been helped by Newman don't know is that his acts of kindness are done in honor of his late daughter. The baby girl died 2012. Not long after that his wife decided to start writing and is now an accomplished novelist.

"We've been blessed so if could do anything to help people I would. I really would. I think it's--I just feel like someone's looking down on us," says Newman.

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