Boone County sergeant says abuse of 3-year-old worst case he's ever seen

    Karen Spurlock and Shane Sasher were arrested after reportedly beating Spurlock's 3-year-old so bad, sergeant says it's the worst case of child abuse he's ever seen. (BCSO)

    UNION, Ky. (WKRC) - A local investigator says what a Union woman and her boyfriend did to a 3-year-old child is the worst case of child abuse he's ever seen.

    The boy was hurt so badly that his accused abusers thought he was dead.

    The boy was not just assaulted once, but twice, and put to bed in between each attack. That attack, Boone County deputies said, was at the hands of his mother, Karen Spurlock and her boyfriend Shane Sasher.

    The boy's eye was swollen shut, he needed stitches and had cuts and bruises all over his face and head. Deputies think Sasher and Spurlock lost control beating the child Monday night.

    Deputies said Sasher and Spurlock thought he was dead and still didn't call 911, waiting 24 hours to even take him to the doctor. He needed extensive medical care and testing.

    "We're all family men and women in law enforcement, and when you see a 3-year-old sustain the injuries that this 3-year-old sustained, any human would react to them in a somewhat emotional way," said Sgt. Philip Ridgell from Boone County Criminal Investigations.

    Sgt. Ridgell said Sasher and Spurlock have a history of domestic violence. They are both charged with first-degree criminal abuse and second-degree assault.

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