Victim's family wants rapist and murderer to stay in prison

Victim's family wants rapist and murderer to stay in prison (WKRC)

LEBANON, Ohio (WKRC) - It takes every bit of strength for Aline Allen to talk about her son, Arnold Davis, without crying.

Tears well-up in her eyes, but she is able to remember the happiness her son brought.

“He was a wonderful little man, hardworking, didn't bother nobody,” she said.

Arnold was one of nine children and though he's been gone for forty years, it still hurts.

Aline said, “It's just something that's hard to live with but I do the best I can to go on for my other family.”

In 1978, Kenneth Sandlin and Michael Barrett were convicted of brutally murdering Arnold. They also tortured and repeatedly raped his girlfriend. They dumped Arnold’s body down a well.

“My mom wanted to forget about it the best that she could. This was her son that was brutally murdered,” said Arnold’s sister, Arlene Allen.

Arlene was an infant when her brother was killed. She's joining with the rest of her siblings and family supporters to keep Sandlin in prison. Barrett died in prison, but Sandlin, who is now in his sixties, is up for parole.

Arlene said, "To me, if he gets out, we're constantly going to be living in prison. It kind of reverses. He gets out. We go in because we're constantly going to be looking over our shoulder. We're constantly going to be wondering where he's at."

The night of the murder, Sandlin and Barrett lured Arnold and his girlfriend to a field off Mason-Morrow-Millgrove Road by saying that they were taking them to a party.

The family says the coroner stopped counting after finding the 80th stab wound on Arnold's body.

Talking about Arnold’s murder is painful for the family, but they are speaking out in order to keep Sandlin locked up.

Aline said, “The way he done my boy, he should have to stay there for life and that's what I want. I want him there for life.”

Arlene added, “As a Christian, we have to forgive, but that doesn't mean we want him free. I think the brutality of the murder that he did and how he did it, he needs to serve the rest of his life in prison.”

Warren County Prosecutor David Fornshell, has been outspoken about keeping Sandlin locked away in prison.

The family has the opportunity to speak before the parole board on July 16th. They are asking for help keeping Sandlin in prison.

There's a "Parole Watch" petition to keep Sandlin locked up. You can find a link here.

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