Volunteers & charity pull together to help baby in need of kidney

LOVELAND, Ohio (WKRC) - A 10-month-old is fighting for his life in need of a kidney transplant.

The cost associated with the baby's care is high, but volunteers and a non-profit organization are pulling together to help out. Henry Rogers still has a smile for his parents even though he's had some serious challenges. Henry has end stage renal disease. He had his first surgery when he was only one-day-old.

Henry's mother, Elizabeth, said, "He's had I think three surgeries so far. He has a dialysis catheter placed and that allows him to do dialysis. We do dialysis at home every night."

Doctors have recommended a life saving kidney transplant for Henry.

Elizabeth said, "We're looking for a living donor for Henry. We are going to start the testing process in March and by the age of two, he will hopefully be ready to get a kidney and we'll have a good match."

The Loveland family is working with a charity called Children's Organ Transplant Association. Often the financial burden is a lot on families.

"It's really their cause to make sure that no family that's in need of a transplant is denied the opportunity based on financial need," said Lisa Everson who is working to help the Rogers family.

Volunteers are pulling together to raise $70,000 for Henry's long-term care. His parents want to be able to focus on their children and making sure that Henry gets the best care possible.

Lisa said, "It's my opinion that it's vitally important that their support system is there to help them wherever they need."

Elizabeth added, "It's amazing. It's giving us hope. It's allowing us to focus on Henry so that we don't have to really worry about the transplant or worry about the cost."

There are several fundraising events for Henry coming up soon. Volunteers are also needed.

Click the links below if you would like to help out:



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