Volunteers find local man's wedding ring lost in the ocean

    Volunteer group helps to find wedding ring lost in the ocean (WKRC)

    WALTON, Ky. (WKRC) - Jason Chambers and his wife, Nichole, were excited to take their two daughters to the beach in Florida.

    They had just arrived when Jason lost his wedding ring, "I'd say maybe we were out there a minute, we were maybe up to knee-deep water and I asked him if he remembered to take his ring off and looked down and it was gone," Nichole recalled.

    Jason had been exercising recently and lost weight so his ring was loose. The couple searched for about 90 minutes but couldn't find the ring.

    "I felt sick, devastated. It's a very important, precious thing to me and it was gone. No idea where," Jason said.

    Nichole didn't want to give up. The ring meant a lot to the couple. It had an inscription "my one and only love." She searched the Internet and found an organization called "The Ringfinders." The group had members in Florida. They are metal detectors hobbyists with the Suncoast Research and Recovery Club are always up for a search.

    "We'll send out an email and text messages and organize a group and schedule a time and we'll try to get as many people out and hunt," said Club president Tom Jones and two other volunteers searched the water for about 30 minutes as the Chambers watched.

    "We were pretty much ready to call it and one of the guys called out, 'Hey, is it silver?" And we turned around and we ran out into the ocean to meet him," Jason recalled.

    The club members found Chambers' ring.

    "It's a great feeling. And it gives us an opportunity to do what we love to do with a purpose," Jones said.

    The group's purpose that day was to send the Chambers family home to Kentucky happy.

    "It was amazing that they found it," Nichole said.

    "It meant the world to me. It took what I thought was going to be a very bad memory and completely changed it into a great memory," Jason said.

    The Ringfinders has members around the world who volunteer to find lost items. The Suncoast Research and Recovery Club returned 77 items to people last year.

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