Volunteers help cat allegedly found hanging in tree

Volunteers help cat allegedly found hanging in tree (WKRC)

MAINEVILLE, Ohio (WKRC) - "Trooper" is relaxed around people, despite going through trauma.

The cat has injuries that are hard to see, especially for people who love animals.

Kristian Brady took the cat to Myles Ahead Animal Rescue and Sanctuary in Maineville.

Volunteers immediately started working to help the cat even though their shelter is full.

Janel Hemrick is working to help the cat.

“He's got scratches on his neck. His ears appear to have been cut and those are fresh wounds,” said Hemrick.

A Facebook friend gave Brady the cat because he said the shelters located near him in Troy, Ohio didn't have any room.

"He texted me and asked, you know, he's in pretty bad shape can you come get him or can I bring him to you," said Brady.

He told Brady that older kids were responsible for hurting the cat.

“It was saddening to know that some kids put a rope around his neck and hung him in a tree,” said Brady.

“Hanging a cat from a tree is not acceptable. It surely isn't funny," said Hemrick.

“Trooper” had surgery Tuesday for his injuries. He'll need a lot of TLC, but the volunteers are committed to helping him.

"He'll probably lose several teeth that are broken off, but hopefully we'll be able to save most of it and he's just kind of sore and beat up, obviously. There's probably bruising that you can't see," said Hemrick.

The cat also has damage to his eardrums.

“I don't know how anybody could do something like that to him. Can't be wired right," said Brady.

The volunteers want to find him a good home once he's healed.

If you would like to help “Trooper”, click the link.

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