"We are thankful": Nursing room created for CPD officers

Nursing room created for CPD officers (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WRKC) - A local police station has created a room for new moms which could be the first of its kind in the country.

It’s made a difference for nursing mothers.

An officer's uniform includes layers of equipment such as the vest, gun belt and wireless radio.

They don't know where they are going to be sent next. It’s a difficult balance for a new mother nursing a baby.

Ethan's mother nursed him and used her breast pump in a bathroom at the police station on Reading Road.

"It's not a secure room, another prisoner can come in, have gun belt off, and your hooked up to a pump producing milk,” said CPD Officer Lori Hamann.

Officer Karen LeRay did the same thing for both her boys. Besides privacy, germs is a concern.

"Kept sanitizing wipes, Clorox wipes, actually bought refrigerator so I didn't have to use the one in the cafeteria. I've been known to use hospital nursing rooms,” said CPD Officer Karen Leray.

Now, nursing moms at District 4 have their own refrigerator for bottled milk in a new room created just for them that also has a lock. The moms have keys.

"I can relax, there is privacy, do business, put it in the refrigerator, head back to the streets,” said CPD Officer Janitta Nichols.

Officer Nichols said she didn't complain about pumping milk for 4-month-old London in the bathroom facing a toilet, because it's what other mothers had to do.

It was CPD Captain Martin Mack's idea to create the new nursing room.

"I think after knowing what police officers go through on a daily basis, and to know what moms go through leaving a child come to work, then not have a place designed for them to nurse” said Captain Mack. “I thought we have to do this.”

"I told captain how thankful [I am]. He's willing to do this didn't have to do this for us,” said Officer Nichols.

Captain Mack said creating the room was the right thing to do for new moms trying to the right thing for their children. Captain Mack even bought the furniture himself.

The nursing room is in one station house in the city. Captain Mack hopes others will follow.

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