Westwood bouncing back: Positive change at a long troubled corner

Positive change at a long troubled corner (WKRC)

WESTWOOD, Ohio (WKRC) – There are positive changes happening in Cincinnati’s largest neighborhood, especially on one corner.

Harrison and McHenry are "turning the corner".

Some people talk about change, but here in Westwood, neighbors are putting words into action.

They helped shut down a store where there was drug activity and they're bringing in positive activities for families.

It's a busy corner and the main thoroughfare in Westwood.

McHenry and Harrison Avenue used to be a hotspot for police activity, especially at an old convenience store which used to be the “US Market.”

"The old US Market will be the Jubilee Project which will be selling fresh produce from the Jubilee Farms down on Bracken Woods," said Henry Frondorf of the Westwood Civic Association.

"Now with Jubilee market coming in, hopefully, we'll have shoppers and people enjoying the fruits and vegetables that are being grown in the community," said Shawntee Stallworth Schramm of the Westwood Civic Association.

The US Market was known for trouble, including drug activity and problems with shootings.

Cincinnati Police raided the Westwood store in July. Neighbors had partnered with police to bring a change.

"No one wants to live in a high crime area and so everyone got together and with the police help, US Market was raided and was shut down," said Frondorf.

There's also a plan to put in two playsets for kids.

Cincinnati Urban Promise will build one on Harrison and another will be built in Eastwood at Third Presbyterian Church.

There's also a plan for a community garden across the street.

"I've seen a lot of clean-ups happening. I've seen a lot of neighbors and residents engaging to help. we've had hundreds of people come out at any given time," said Karen Strasser who lives in Westwood.

It takes time to drive out crime and make a neighborhood better, but in Westwood, homeowners are committed to improvements, especially for the children.

"We've got a lot of greenspace, we're really close to the city and we've got a lot of really great affordable homes here," said Frondorf.

Neighbors will also be holding a multi-cultural festival in the Sav-a-Lot parking lot at Harrison and McHenry.

There's an outdoor movie night planned there as well.

The Jubilee Market is supposed to open in the next few weeks.

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