Where is Carrie: 20-year search for answers in woman's murder

Where is Carrie: 20-year search for answers in woman's murder (Culberson family Photo)

BLANCHESTER, Ohio (WKRC) - What happened to Carrie Culberson?

Sunday, August 28, it will be 20 years since the 22-year-old woman and her car disappeared from Blanchester. Horror stories whipped through the small town, including the one that had her fed to the lion that guarded the junkyard of her boyfriend's family.

Boyfriend Vince Doan was convicted in her murder a year later. That trial that still gets national attention because he was convicted without a body. Even after 20 years, this case is not closed.

There was evidence of a violent relationship long before Carrie Culberson disappeared. Vince beat her several times. The photos were used in his aggravated murder trial. He's serving a life sentence; justice for Carrie's family. But her mother wants something else.

Carrie’s mother, Debbie, can only imagine how she was killed because of testimony. Such as the woman who said that night Carrie disappeared she saw Vince pull Carrie by the hair, punch her, and tell her, ‘I told you if you ever tried to leave me I'd kill you.’" Then there was the testimony from Vince's sister-in-law. He showed up at his half-brother, Tracey's, house that night. She said Vince and Tracey left with garbage bags and a rifle.

Then what? That's what Debbie wants to know.

She got away from some of the darkness by moving from Blanchester. There people would tell her what they'd heard. Now she checks the Facebook page, Find Carrie Culberson.

In Blanchester Friday, August 26, Vince's father, Lawrence Baker, said everyone lied in the trial. Some of them also testified in half-brother Tracey's obstruction of justice trial. He was convicted. The Blanchester Police Department was also convicted of mishandling the investigation.

Part of the settlement was a sculpture at the police station. Major Brad Pickett at the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office said tips still come in after two years. He said they still hope to find her.

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