Witness testifies about fight that preceded fatal hit-and-run

Woman on trial for a hit-and-run that left a young woman dead after a fight (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Social media video is at the heart of a murder trial.

Snapchat video taken outside the Aronoff Center allegedly shows Briana Benson stomping Madie Hart during a fight that had been brewing for weeks

But it is the video from inside an Uber driver's car that shows why Benson is charged with murder. Madie Hart's parents couldn't bear to watch it.

The cell phones came out as the car rolled up in front of the Aronoff, the planned location for a violent and planned girl fight.

In the video, prosecutors say Briana Benson can be seen with the red hair as she stomps Madie Hart on the ground. Evidence shows a fight had been brewing for weeks over a break-up and wounded feelings.

Zama N'Defer met Madie and her friends that March night at the clubs around 7th and Walnut. He can be seen in one video trying to pull the girls apart.

Briana's attorney points out that video shows Madie Hart running back for more after the fight appeared to be over.

The fight was over, but security video shows Madie chasing after Briana's car. Uber driver Sam Singh turned onto Walnut Street just as Madie caught up with it.

The Uber car camera video shows Madie being pulled under the car and dragged. Briana doesn't stop. The prosecution says Briana swerved to hit Madie. Sam Singh agreed.

Briana cried as the 911 calls were played from that night, they described Madie's broken body and the blood streaming from her head.

Madie's parents didn't watch the videos that show Madie's last living moments and how she died.

The murder charge alleges Briana Benson intentionally ran over Madie Hart, killing her.

Testimony continues on Friday.

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