New evidence delays trial in distracted driving case after crash kills man, grandchildren

On Monday, a Boone County jury is set to hear the case of a northern Kentucky woman accused of running over and killing a grandfather and his two grandchildren. (WKRC)

BOONE COUNTY, Ky. (WKRC) - The long-awaited trial of a woman accused of killing two toddlers and their grandfather with her car has been postponed again.

Jessica Hood was set to go trial for manslaughter and assault on Monday morning for a crash that took place in March of 2015.

The jury pool was there, family members were there and the defendant and lawyers for both the prosecution and defense where there ready to go to trial.

But it was continued again because new evidence, was brought to court by prosecutors the day of trial. What the new evidence is, however, has not been revealed.

Jessica Hood left the courtroom knowing she won't go to trial until December 4th, nearly four months away.

The trial will start nearly three years after the crash on Weaver Road that killed Charles Napier and his twin 13-month old grandchildren Samantha and Sean May.

Investigators say Napier and the children's aunt were pulling them in wagons along the road when Hood went onto the shoulder and hit them.

Hood's attorney has tried to block evidence of her cell phone usage and claims it was an accident and not a case of distracted driving.

He says he was ready to go to trial on Monday until he got a surprise.

"The trial is continued because of some new documentation, some new evidence that came out this [Monday] morning before trial that we weren't able to. I moved to exclude it and was not successful. So the judge has granted us some time to review this additional information that just came out this morning," said Dan Dickerson, Jessica's attorney.

Jessica Hood was offered, what her attorney described as a "reasonable" plea offer, but she declined it last week.

He says she is adamant about proving her innocence.

She is facing three manslaughter in the second degree charges and two counts of assault.

Another grandchild and the aunt were also injured in the crash, but their injuries were not life-threatening.

Each of the manslaughter charges carries a possible sentence of five to ten years in prison if Hood is convicted.

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