Woman accused of leading Evendale Police on a chase at up to 110 mph

    Kara Kayrouz is accused of leading police on a chase at speeds up to 110 mph (WKRC)

    CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A West Chester woman is accused of leading police on a chase into Evendale at speeds of 110 mph on city streets. Kara Kayrouz, 24, was arraigned on a failure to comply charge on Wednesday.

    According to court papers, when Evendale Police picked up a pursuit already in progress on Jan. 30, Kayrouz sped towards a police cruiser in a threatening manner.

    Police say they chased her on Cunningham Drive, near Evendale Commons Drive, where she blew through a stop sign at high speed. When she drove onto Glendale Milford Road, police say speeds reached 110 mph in a 35 mph zone. She then drove the wrong way on the divided section of Glendale Milford Road at about 60 mph.

    Officers stopped the pursuit on Reed Hartman Highway, when they say she ran through several red lights.

    According to court papers in West Chester, the pursuit started when Kayrouz took off during an attempted traffic stop at Second Street and Tylersville Road. She's accused of nearly hitting other vehicles on I-75 south and running red lights.

    She appeared in court in West Chester Tuesday, where a judge allowed her to leave jail without posting bond.

    Hamilton County assistant prosecutor David Wood asked for her to be held on bond because of how dangerous the pursuit was. He said it might have ended in a crash but didn't because police backed off.

    A judge ordered her held on $5,000 bond which she has posted.

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