Woman escapes after nearly being abducted in Colerain Township

Woman escapes after nearly being abducted in Colerain

COLERAIN TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKRC)- A woman is lucky to be safe after nearly being abducted by a busy road on Friday.

Emily Hixenbaugh said she has walked to the Shell gas station on the corner of Banning Rd. and Colerain Ave. several times without any issues. Though, Hixenbaugh added that several people have cat-called her while she has been walking.

Hixenbaugh was on her way home Friday afternoon around 1:30 p.m. when she noticed a man following her in a red, four door car and staring at her.

She said she decided to see what he wanted and asked point blank.

"He said, 'Are you trying to smoke? Are you trying to get high?' I said, 'No, I don't smoke. I don't do anything like that.' He was like, 'Are you sure? $50 tells me that it's something different,'" Hixenbaugh said.

Hixenbaugh said she told the man she wasn't a prostitute and that she said, 'No' to his offer at least a dozen times. She then said he asked her if she wanted to get into his car.

"He said, 'I'm done doing this the easy way. I'm going to do this the hard way.' And [he] got out and ripped me by my dress and put a big gaping hole in my sundress,"

This all happened in the middle of the afternoon on Acre Drive.

Emily said she tried to fight the guy off but he was much bigger than her.

"I could feel him trying to get a good grip on me. He only had my dress so he was trying to grab onto my waist and pull me into the car, which he definitely would've been able to do, "Hixenbaugh said.

Luckily for Emily, a Rumpke truck was driving by and the driver started honking.

"That's when he got back into his vehicle and proceeded to follow me down the street and told me, 'That's okay, I know where you live anyways,'" Hixenbaugh said. "I was like, 'How could he know where I lived?' He's never met me before in my life but then I was like, at the same time, how did he know that I was coming up to the store? He could've been watching me because I walk up to the store at least once a week. So, he could've been watching me for a long time and seen me walking up there and just thought, 'Today is the day I'm just going to go and talk to her.'"

She kept an eye out and eventually made it home and she had not seen the man. She gave her mom a call.

"While I was on the phone with her, he came back by two times. So, I called the police. They came with about four cars and told me this same thing happened to somebody like a week ago," Hixenbaugh said.

Hixenbaugh said her mind raced while she waited for the officers to arrive.

"I was just thinking, 'What if he found a way? What if he comes in through the back window? What if he finds a way in somehow?' It was just a million things were going through my mind and I could barely breathe," Hixenbaugh said.

The suspect had left the area before they got there.

She described him as a black male, about 6'5" with white hair and a white beard. He was wearing circular framed glasses.

Hixenbaugh says she's going to start carrying mace and that she's going to start carrying her TASER that she already owns.

If you have any information call Colerain Township Police at (513) 321-COPS (2677).

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