Suspect in custody for murder in South Fairmount

Sunday night police arrested Anthony Chase and charged him with murder. (Cincinnati Police)

CINCINNATI, OH. (WKRC) – Just before 2pm Sunday, police found a woman shot to death near Ley Avenue and Mandery Avenue.

The victim was later identified as 18-year-old Jahmaria Cruz.

Sunday night police arrested 22-year-old Anthony Chase and charged him with murder in the death of Cruz.

The investigation is ongoing.

"I could see the body behind the grey car and it was down there and had a white sheet over it or plastic,” said Wanda Shell.

Shell like many residents near the scene say the news of the woman’s death is disturbing and something is common place in their part of South Fairmount.

"I grew up here, my mom and dad still live here. As far as these two blocks go, this is one of the quietest neighborhoods in the area. It's a very big surprise especially on mother's day. It's a shame. A lot of her family was here, it was ugly for a minute,” said Scott Stevens.

Numerous family members and friends of the deceased were distraught.

"It's kind of sad, especially on Mother's Day for the mother of the girl. That kind of hits. I understand you know as a mother today is supposed to be about joy not sorrow and losing your daughter on this day. It's shocking because it did happen in front of my house. All my years, all the 18 years of living over here, nothing like that has ever occurred,” said Peter Mattress.

If you have information on the murder call Crimestoppers at 513-352-3040.

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