Woman mauled to death by dog in West Price Hill identified

    A woman was mauled to death by a dog in West Price Hill on Wednesday, according to police. (Christian Hauser/WKRC)

    WEST PRICE HILL, Ohio (WKRC) - The 911 call said it was a woman having a seizure, but when crews showed up, it was much worse than that.

    "I just happened to see the baby run [by] because he said he was going to go get his dad because his momma was having a seizure," said one of the woman's neighbor, who didn't want to be identified.

    The neighbor then called 911 and told them what the 4-year-old told her.

    "His mother's having a seizure and I can't go in because there are dogs and I'm scared of dogs," she said.

    She says ambulances showed up but wouldn't go inside because of the two dogs. The police showed up a couple minutes later.

    "When the police came, they shot the dogs, one of the dogs, because he was chewing on the lady," the neighbor said.

    The police say the dog charged when they tried to go inside and help the woman. Officers asked the neighbor to take the child to the other side of the street. A short time later, she found out the the boy's mother, Della Riley, 42, died from the attack.

    "He kept asking me, like, 'When is Mommy coming? Where mommy at?' And I couldn't even tell the baby anything, and it was so heartbreaking to me," she said.

    The next-door neighbor says he couldn't believe it when he heard about the attack.

    "It was just a tragic end. They were a good family too. Yeah, my kids played with the little kid. He was over my house a lot. It's sad to think that he don't have a mother anymore," he said.

    The woman who found the child says she's thankful she spotted the little boy running down the street.

    "He was trying to go get his daddy, and he was so scared. It made me scared, but I protected him the best way I could because I would want somebody to do that for my kids," she said.

    The neighborhood is still in shock Thursday night. Most everyone said they were very nice people, but they also said the dog that attacked Riley had attacked before.

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