Woman who stole $1.2 million from employer sentenced to two years, ordered to pay $750K

A Clermont County woman who stole over $1 million from her employer was sentenced Wednesday. (WKRC)

BATAVIA, Ohio (WKRC) - The former chief financial officer of a construction company was sentenced to two years in prison Wednesday and ordered to pay back $750,000 to her former employer.

Nicole McCoon pleaded guilty to a charge of aggravated theft. Her former employer said she embezzled $1.2 million from the company over a period of six years.

McCoon was the Chief Financial Officer for Utter Construction. The Clermont County based operation does business across the country. Owner Doug Utter said he suspected something was wrong in 2016 and hired a private investigator and accountant to look into the company's finances.

"Sometimes when you think you know somebody, it can bite you in the butt like this," Utter said.

Utter said he discovered McCoon had two company credit cards he didn't know about and a Paypal account. She was also buying cars, vacations, a boat , lingerie and a $391,000 house.

Meanwhile, the company's bills were going unpaid.

"I have a very good feel for the nature of Ms. McCoon's deception, dishonesty and thievery from Utter Construction," said Judge Anthony Brock who sentenced McCoon.

McCoon had nothing to say when asked during her sentencing. She did not apologize. She had no criminal record before the theft charge.

"I expect that a two year prison sentence on Ms. McCoon is going to have a greater impact than a two-year prison sentence that I would impose on our frequent flyers," Judge Brock said.

McCoon signed over ownership of a 2017 boat she bought to Utter Construction and forfeited ownership of a 2017 boat SUV she purchased that was worth $80,000. It's not clear how she will repay the rest of the money. Doug Utter said he and his brother are in the process of rebuilding their company's reputation.

"I'm very happy with the outcome of the way they've made this painless, seamless and the time she got to serve and her probation after that." Utter said of the prosecution.

Nicole McCoon will be supervised by probation and parole for three years after she's released from prison.

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