Company uses 3D printer to create steak

    Company uses 3D printer to create steak (CBS)

    LONDON (CBS) - A Spanish company wants to fill the world with 'conscious carnivores' one steak at a time. The company relies on 3-D printers to make their meat stand out.

    "It's an innovative entree that goes from printer to pan," said Giuseppe Scionti, founder of Nova Meat.

    Scionti came up with the idea two years ago. Since then, he's been printing and preparing vegan steaks like this for people around the world

    ''It's about new meat, it means plant-based meat substitutes. So, we are creating the first 3D-printed plant-based beef steak.''

    The edible ink, with ingredients such as rice, peas, and seaweed, comes in a cartridge. The 3D printer takes the role as sous chef, working meticulously to prepare the meat in under 10 minutes. It's printed with the same texture and appearance of a normal beef steak.

    After a sizzle on the skillet and a dash of's time to eat.

    Mouth full, one taste tester eagerly weighed in. "I think it tastes good - wow!"

    Scionti says the technology offers an alternative to meat since livestock farming is one of the leading contributors of greenhouse gas emissions.

    He says it also tackles the issue of sustainability since many Americans eating double the recommended amount of red meat.

    That being said, the fake steak has to win over consumers' taste buds... one print at a time.

    The 3D steaks are still not available to buy. The company hopes to expand its food options in the future by creating 3D printed tuna steaks and chicken breasts.

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