Employee acts quickly to come to woman's rescue at gas station

    A woman in Steubenville is thanking a gas station employee for saving her life.

    A woman in Steubenville is thanking a gas station employee for saving her life.

    The man acted quickly to help rescue the woman who was suffering from heat stroke symptoms and losing consciousness.

    Independence Day is a day celebrating America's origins and edicts promising life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. For Anthony Marks, a BP employee on Third Street in Steubenville, he put those ideals into action by rescuing a woman who could barely call for help.

    "I just mouthed the words 'help me,' and he saw me and he just literally went around the counter and ran out to me; just like that,” Crystal Ault of Steubenville. “He never left me the whole time."

    "She pulled up when I was working at the window and she look distressed, so I ran out there and put her car in park and brought her inside,” said BP Employee Anthony Marks.

    The recent oppressive heat had been keeping Ault in her home for several days. But on Monday, she ventured out just a block from her home, not expecting to succumb to complications of emphysema.

    "I just had run out of my inhaler,” she said. “He left and went home and gave me his inhaler. He's like a guardian angel--a guardian angel. He was there at the right time."

    "What I thought was going on was that she couldn't breathe,” Marks said. “And when I got out there, I was right: she couldn't breathe."

    He gave Ault water and helped her inside the station before running home for an albuterol inhaler. His situational awareness, Ault said, helped save her from suffering further in the heat.

    "I just figured it was the right thing to do,” Marks said. “If it was one of my family members, I would want someone to do that for me, you know?"

    He got Ault what she came for, and more.

    "He was wonderful. He even bought me some pop,” Ault said. “Then he said, 'I'm going to drive you home,' and I said, 'how?' and he goes, 'well, I'll drive your car up there and I'll walk back.’ I was so touched; so touched."

    "I just appreciate her, that's all,” Marks said. “She's a good woman and she seems like she has a nice heart."

    Marks has only been working at the station for a month. But Ault has some suggestions if he seeks out another job.

    "Not all people can do what he did,” she said. “I think it's a gift. He's special. I think he could a paramedic, a policeman or something. He has such a heart; such a good American over there. He really is."

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