Family grieves after toddler accidentally shoots and kills self; father indicted

The Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office has indicted a father after the death of his toddler. (WSYX/WTTE)

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) -- The Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office has indicted a father after the death of his toddler.

Prosecutor Ron O’Brien said the Franklin County Grand Jury has returned indictments on Steven Matthew Wallen, 26, for Involuntary Manslaughter and Endangering Children, both counts with Firearm Specifications.

These charges are in connection to the September 10th shooting death of his 3-year-old son, Jachin.

The young boy's mother, Wallen's ex-wife, said the little boy's twin brother now suffers from PTSD after witnessing the tragedy.

At this time, it is the happy memories that Jennifer Wallen clings to.

"We always cuddled up and watched ‘choo choo’ in a recliner and it was just something we did every night before bedtime," said Wallen.

Losing one of her three-year-old twins has been a nightmare.

"No parent is perfect, but you keep your kids safe," said Wallen.

Back in September, Jachin and his twin brother, Jaxon, were staying with their father when Jachin got a hold of a loaded gun in the kitchen in Madison Township. His father and Jaxon found him.

"I can't even tell you the things that were going through my mind," said Wallen.

A grand jury indicted Steven Wallen on two felonies, involuntary manslaughter and endangering children.

ABC 6/FOX 28 went to the home listed for Wallen and was told "no comment" by a woman who answered the door.

Jachin's mom wears a necklace and bracelet to remember her boy. She is trying to move forward and help her other son do the same.

"He witnessed it and was like feet away. So... I will do everything I can for him," said Wallen.

Wallen said Jaxon is going to weekly therapy at Nationwide Children's Hospital. She hopes speaking out sends a safety message to all families.

Police have issued a warrant for Steven Wallen’s arrest. At last check, he was not listed in the jail's record.

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