New warning for those with chip credit cards

You may have heard EMV credit cards, the ones with the chip, are more secure, and while that's true, it still comes with its risks. (MGN)

CHICAGO (WKRC) - You may have heard EMV credit cards - the ones with the chip - are more secure, and while many consider that true, using it still comes with a risk.

WLS-TV reports the chips can fall out, and you may not notice because many places still let you swipe your card. This could leave you vulnerable to fraud.

Anyone can find the chip and install it in a different card, according to WLS. While this may not happen frequently, experts advise if it does happen, you'll still want to get a replacement card.

WLS-TV reports to protect yourself from theft, keep an eye on your bank account, set up text alerts so you know when your card is used and to periodically check to make sure your chip is still on your card.

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