Uber driver drove into San Diego Bay

    Uber driver drove into San Diego Bay. (CBS Newspath/KFBM)

    SAN DIEGO, Calif. (WKRC) - A man escaped from a sinking car uninjured after he missed a turn and drove his car into San Diego Bay.

    According to KFBM, around 10:30 p.m. on Thursday night an Uber driver drove through an intersection at a high speed and missed a turn. He then drove off the road into the water.

    The man was able to escape the sinking car through a broken window and swam safely to shore.

    "I was driving a little bit too fast and drove into the water - I couldn't control the car and hit the curb," Farhad Baban said.

    Police said a crane removed the car from the water two hours later.

    The driver was uninjured but still shaken from the experience. And very lucky.

    Car submersion have one of the highest fatality rates of any type of single-motor vehicle incidents.

    So how do you escape from a car in water?

    The New York Times reports that the first priority is speed. Calling 911 should not be the first thing you do as it may just waste precious time.

    Experts advise people to lower your window and climb out, ideally onto the roof of the vehicle.

    In most cases, electric car windows will continue to work after impact with the water. But in other cases it's important to keep a small glass-breaking tool on your key ring.

    Another important tip to remember is to not open your door. In doing so water will flood in and the car will only sink faster.

    So to make things simple experts say: Move quickly. Get out.

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