Warmbier parents: "North Korea destroyed Otto"

"North Korea destroyed Otto" (WKRC)

NEW YORK (WKRC) - Otto Warmbier's parents are offering new details about the condition he was in after being held captive in North Korea.

Fred and Cindy Warmbier of Wyoming say their 22-year-old son was tortured while he was imprisoned for allegedly stealing a propaganda banner while visiting the country. Warmbier died in June, less than a week after he was released.

"These people are terrorists. Kim and his regime intentionally injured Otto," Fred Warmbier said in an interview with CNN in New York on Monday. Otto's parents say they were told their son would be in a coma when he was released. "Using the term coma for Otto's condition--it is completely unfair. Otto had severe brain damage," says his father.

The Warmbiers says nothing could have prepared them for the state their son was in when he arrived at Lunken Airport in June. They say he was strapped to a gurney, jerking violently and making inhuman noises.

Otto's parents didn't want an autopsy performed. They say he'd been through enough and wanted him at peace. There are still a lot of questions about what exactly led to Otto's condition. Doctors at UC Medical Center who evaluated Otto in June said he suffered extensive loss of brain tissue in all regions of the brain as a result of cardiopulmonary arrest. They say that usually happens after intoxication or trauma. The doctors added that aside from some MRI images and lab results from North Korean medical personnel that accompanied Warmbier, they're not exactly sure what happened to him.

While the Warmbiers have previously credited President Trump for helping secure their son's release. They said Monday they don't fault the Obama administration and that the Kim Jong Un regime is solely to blame for their son's death.

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