Wife shot husband during fight over HOA complaints, police say

Police say a woman shot her husband during an argument over HOA complaints. (WPEC)

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. (WPEC) - A woman from Boynton Beach is facing a charge of attempted murder after police say she tried to kill her husband.

Police said 53-year-old Lisa Barreca shot her husband Eric five times, including once in the head, during an argument Monday night.

The shooting happened inside the garage of their home along Aspen Leaf Drive in Boynton Beach.

According to police, the couple was arguing over HOA complaints and it escalated as Lisa ran to the garage to get her gun from her car.

Police say Eric tried to slap the gun away, but she shot him multiple times. He suffered gunshot wounds to his head, both arms, leg and back. Police found seven shell casings on the floor. Officers say she never tried to call 911.

The report says Lisa told police that she was in fear of her life.

Currently, Lisa Barreca is still in the hospital recovering from a bullet wound in her leg. It’s not yet clear whether it was self-inflicted or from a ricochet.

As for her husband Eric, he too remains in the hospital. No word on his condition as of Tuesday afternoon.

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