Poodle stabbed to death in Edmonds, Wash. backyard

KOMO photo via owner.

EDMONDS, Wash. - An Edmonds family fears for their safety after someone stabbed their dog to death in their fenced-in backyard Friday night.

Edmonds Police confirm they are searching for leads after the 10-pound miniature poodle mix, Mickey, was found dead around 10:30 p.m.

“I was 20 yards away in the house with the door cracked and I heard nothing,” Mickey’s owner, Paul Hense, said. “That’s just really hard to believe.”

Hensel let Mickey out around 10 p.m. Friday to go to the bathroom, expecting him to re-enter the house after a couple minutes. But after a half hour passed he went out looking for Mickey and found his body in the middle of the yard.

Hensel says Mickey had a puncture through his body and some skin and fur had been sliced off his back and was gone. He brought Mickey to the vet, where several personnel told him they believed this was done by a person.

The yard is fenced in, and backs into Interurban Trail, a popular spot for running and biking.

The fence is only a few feet tall, and Hensel says it is intended to “discourage” rather than “prevent” people from coming on the property.

He wonders if someone who frequently uses the Interurban Trail heard Mickey barking and targeted him. Police don’t have any suspects yet, but they’ve increased patrols in the area. Hensel says he won’t feel secure until he knows the motive.

“If the dog was the target that’s bad enough,” he said. “But what if the dog wasn’t the target? What if the house or the people in the house was the target? So that’s what I’m trying to find out.”

Edmonds Police are looking for any information and Animal Control has launched an investigation.

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