Thanks to the 'Tide Pod' meme, Norwood Police issue 'warning' about traffic cones

Thanks to the "Tide Pod" meme, Norwood Police issue "warning" about traffic cones (MGN)

NORWOOD, Ohio (WKRC) - Oh Norwood Police Department, you so silly!

Thanks to the recent trend of teenagers and adults eating Tide Pods for social media recognition, the Norwood Police Department decided to issue a statement on Facebook in hopes of getting in front of the next potential "Forbidden Fruit Challenge": Traffic Cones.

"We have been made aware that persons are possibly eating Tide Pods because they resemble candy. We thought it would be prudent to let persons know that this traffic cone is not just a really big piece of candy corn. They don't taste at all like candy. Please do not try to eat them. Though most likely not dangerous to eat, a traffic cone would be very chewy, could taste like motor oil, and be extremely difficult to swallow," said the Norwood Police Department on Facebook.

While the post was obviously (hopefully?) made in jest, it should be stated that Tide Pods pose a significant health risk if ingested.

"When the film dissolves and the detergent is released, the ethanol, peroxide, and polymers can burn—and not just a little. Toxicologists describe these burns as “caustic,” meaning they can literally eat away at the tissue that makes up your gums and inner cheeks. The same will happen to your esophagus, stomach, and other parts of your gastrointestinal tract as the ingredients make their way through your digestive system," according to Consumer Reports.

P&G CEO David Taylor called the trend "dangerous" and "extremely concerning" in a blog post. He said the company is working with social media companies to remove videos of people biting into the detergent, and asked adults to speak with children about the hazards.

Medical experts said the consequences of ingesting laundry detergent can be life-threatening, as they can cause vomiting, throat burns, eye injuries, and it can also burn your mouth and lips, according to CNN.

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