Wrong turn into wrong driveway puts two wanted suspects in custody

Images: McMinn Co. Sheriff's Office/MGN

McMINN COUNTY, Tenn. (WTVC) —A couple with active arrest warrants in McMinn County thought they were staying incognito by pulling into a residential driveway after they became aware law enforcement was following.

Turns out that was the move that led them directly into custody.

McMinn County Sheriff Joe Guy says last Thursday 29-year-old Jennifer Peak of Madisonville was driving a car with 24-year-old Larry Trueblood, Jr. in the passenger seat. along County Road 464.

Sheriff Guy says the two were wanted on several charges and had "histories of drug and theft charges."

Sheriff Guy says Peak became aware that a black truck had begun following them, and they deduced, correctly, that it was law enforcement.

As a way to elude arrest, Sheriff Guy says Peak pulled into a driveway, hoping it would appear they were local residents.

“It’s a pretty common tactic,” said Sheriff Joe Guy. “Sometimes when suspects see a law enforcement vehicle, they will turn into a driveway hoping it will appear they are just residents going home, and hope the officer will just drive on by.”

But there was a problem: this wasn’t just any driveway or just any farm. This was Sheriff Guy’s home. And Sheriff Guy was in the black truck behind them.

“I was just going home. I watched them turn up my driveway, and of course I followed them, thinking surely this wasn’t what I thought it was,” said Sheriff Guy. “But sure enough they drove right up to our house."

The sheriff immediately took Peak into custody.

He says Trueblood ran away from the scene, but was captured about six hours later in Monroe County, along with a stolen truck.

Both Trueblood and Peak face several warrants and charges in McMinn and Monroe Counties, including several violation of probation and charges and fleeing to avoid a stop.

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