Apple patent could solve cracked screens on iPhones, iPads

Apple patent could solve cracked screens on iPhones, iPads (CBSLA/CBS Newspath)

PASADENA, Calif. (CBSLA/CBS Newspath) - How many times have you broken or shattered your iPad or iPhone? Now Apple is looking into a case that would keep your screen safe if it falls. It's just an idea right now, there's no guarantee the company will ever make it. But customers here say they can keep hoping.

Julian Shab-Tai sees a lot of broken iPads and iPhones come into his Studio City store.

He owns the Cellphone Factory & Repair shop on Ventura Blvd. He says his customers can easily pay hundreds of dollars to repair their Apple devices.

Sometimes even with the protective screens they still hit hard. It can also do damage inside the board,” he said.

But a new concept is floating around. According to appleinsider, the company is toying with the idea for a case that could protect your iPad or iPhone during a fall. The patent describes using electromagnets within Apple devices to detect when the device is falling and those magnets would "pull" the device away from the side that is expected to crash into the floor.

Ashley Catano says she likes the idea. She stopped by the Apple Store in Pasadena with her mom after shattering the screen on her iPhone for the third time.

Her mom is more skeptical of the case being something she would use.

“Who wants to carry around something bulky?” asked Marianna Catano. “And something that can fit in your pocket easily. So I think it would have to be something convenient and, of course, cost-effective.”

Apple does register a lot of patent applications every week, and not all concepts make their way into commercial products.

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