Church helps pay it forward during holiday season with 'Project Multiply'

Church helps pay it forward during holiday season with 'Project Multiply' (WMAZ/CBS Newspath)

WARNER ROBINS, Ga. (WMAZ/CBS Newspath/WKRC) - If you received an unmarked envelope with hundreds of dollars inside of it, what would you do? Would you spend it on yourself, your kids, your spouse or would you spend it on others?

This Thanksgiving season, one Warner Robins church challenged its members to do just that -- spread blessings to someone who could use it.

Inside Sandy Valley Baptist Church, you'll find CJ Holmes counting cash, but it doesn't belong to him.

Holmes and 14 other men in his Sandy Valley "small group" came up with the idea together, independently raising $12,000 and dividing it up into unmarked envelopes.

"This was actually pretty challenging to figure out," said Holmes. "Right at the end of the service, we just got up as a group and presented the, what we called 'Project Multiply.' We told (the congregation) to go out this week and find someone who would be blessed by the money."

According to Holmes about 80 to 90 families received envelopes, each filled with an amount between $100 and $1,000.

"One family tipped their waitress $500," said Holmes. "Another family bought blankets and fast food gift cards and gave it out to the homeless."

Some of these families were asked to go on camera and share their own experiences, but they all told Holmes they aren't in it for the recognition. This holiday season, they just wanted to "give back."

"People's lives have been blessed and that's all we wanted," said Holmes.

Holmes said they plan to make "Project Multiply" a new tradition for the church every year around Thanksgiving.

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