Community pushes for changes in foster care system

Community marks ten years since foster child Marcus Fiesel's murder. (WKRC file)

ANDERSON TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKRC) – Ten years after thousands of people searched Julifs Park, a few came back to remember Marcus Fiesel. Fiesel was 3 years old when he was reported missing by his foster mother, Liz Carroll.

Leah Clore of Walton Kentucky was a member of the search party.

"I think everybody was for sure that we would find him somewhere. That he just wandered off or was afraid when the dark came and that he would not be dead,” said Clore.

The groups never found Fiesel, because he was never missing. His foster parents Liz and David Carroll left Fiesel in a hot closet, bound with tape for two days while they went to a family reunion.

By the time they got back, Fiesel was dead. David Carroll and his live-in girlfriend Amy Baker took the body to Brown County where they burned his corpse.

Days later, Liz Carroll made a plea to the community to help find Fiesel because Carroll claims he was kidnapped at Julifs Park.

"We were singing kids songs hoping he would come out of a bush or something that he was afraid,” said Clore. “It's a tragedy, it should have never happened. "

At the park, the group gathering Sunday night remember Marcus Fiesel, but they’re also in attendance to talk about how to improve the foster care system.

Many people wrote letters to the candidates running for Hamilton County Commissioners, the office that oversees children’s services in the county.

In the crowd was Kelly Gries, a mother of 12 and three foster care children. Gries is also a former Juvenile Court Ad Litem who believes there's a great need for improvement in the system.

"I think that foster families that do this for the right reasons aren't appreciated enough. I think there are many people that do this for the wrong reasons. I think there has to be a better way of finding the right families and supporting them in the community."

Both of Fiesel’s foster parents were tried and convicted. Liz Carroll received a sentence of 54 years to life while David Carroll received a sentence of 16 years to life after taking a plea deal. Baker got immunity for testifying against the Carroll’s despite admitting to helping David Carroll burn Fiesel’s body.

One year after Fiesel’s death, the chimney used to burn his body was demolished and turned into a memorial.

There’s also a memorial tree outside the Butler County Administration Building.

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