'Sick days' disappearing due to workplace pressure

    'Sick days' disappearing due to workplace pressure (MGN)

    NEW YORK (CBS/CBS Newspath/WKRC) - The flu season is in full force. The CDC says about 7 million Americans have contracted the virus so far.

    The Wall Street Journal reports some employees are fighting back against colleagues who insist on coming into work when they're unwell. It says so- called "sick shamers" are offering cough drops and breaking out the disinfectant.

    One woman quoted in the article says she has asked "coughing co-workers to sequester themselves in a nearby room, creating an office quarantine. She has followed snifflers and nose-blowers around with disinfectant, and ordered them not to touch door handles."

    While there may be an element of guilt causing unwell workers to feel like they need to come in, it's imperative to develop a culture at work that encourages them to stay home. Not only are they unproductive but they also spread the cold or flu to co-workers.

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