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EverDry Waterproofing: Water is #1 enemy to your home!

EverDry Waterproofing: Water is #1 enemy to your home!

Water causes more damage to your home then you might believe. Water damage is caused by many things; burst pipes, a leaky roof, bad drainage, high humidity, and lack of maintenance in and around your home. If you experience a water problem, you might not be concerned because you have insurance. Well, that is not always the case when it comes to water damage and insurance.

I encourage you to review your policy with your insurance company so that you understand what would be covered. Water damage that has occurred because of floods, drainage or lack of maintenance may NOT be covered, but a burst pipe or faulty sump pump may be covered. It is very important to contact the insurance company as soon as possible in the event of a water issue in your home.

If you find water in your home, it is important to define the type of water. Is it fresh water with no hazardous material in the water? This type of fresh water would occur from a water supply pipe or an appliance like a dishwasher. Fresh water can be cleaned with less precautions. If you experience sewage water or contaminated water, it is best to call in a professional to clean your home. Your insurance company will guide you in the process.

Spring rains are here! Are you worried about your leaky basement?! Gary Sullivan here. Stop worrying! Protect the value of your home! I want you to call EverDry Waterproofing today. They’ll fix your basement permanently. In fact, they’ve fixed over 16,000 basements in our area. Their patented system is the best in the industry - that’s why I’ve recommended them for years. Call for a free basement inspection. In April, get a free EZ Breathe Ventilation Unit with their complete system.

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