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McCabe Lumber: New Decking Standards

McCabe Lumber: New Decking Standards

There are a lot of decisions that need to be made if you are building a deck. One of the first decisions is… which materials are you going to use to build the deck? Pressure treated wood is almost always used for the structure of the deck. And, even with the new types of decking materials available, pressure treated wood is still used more than half the time. There are new standards for pressure treated lumber that you need to be aware of this year. The pressure treated wood will either be labeled “above ground” or “ground contact”. Using the properly labeled wood in the proper application is important in preventing rot and having your deck last.

Applications for “ground contact” pressure treated lumber:

  • Any lumber that gets frequent moisture, vegetation, poor circulation of air and anything less than a foot off the ground should use “ground contact pressure treated wood”. This type of wood should also be used for beams, joist, ledger boards, posts and decking.
  • “Above ground” pressure treated lumber should only be used for decking railings and balusters.
  • Every piece of pressure treated wood is marked. Please know what you are using and make sure it is correct for your situation.

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