This Valentine's Day "Love your Eyes"

    Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to prompt your loved ones with diabetes to schedule their annual eye exam. (WKRC via ChimeIn)

    CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to prompt your loved ones with diabetes to schedule their annual eye exam. If you or a loved one has diabetes, indulging in all of the sweet Valentine’s treats can have serious side effects. Regular eye exams can help detect vision threatening conditions that often occur with diabetes. Detecting and treating these sight threatening conditions at the earliest stage is the best way to protect your vision.

    Diabetes can damage blood vessels in the eyes that can often lead to sight threatening eye diseases: diabetic retinopathy, diabetic macular edema, glaucoma, early onset cataracts. Many times, there are no visual symptoms until irreversible damage has occurred. Common symptoms can be: blurry or wavy vision, frequently changing vision—sometimes from day to day, dark areas or vision loss, poor color vision, spots or dark strings (also called floaters), flashes of light, or trouble seeing at night

    While it may not be possible to prevent these eye diseases, we can keep them from getting worse, by taking care of your diabetes and having an annual dilated eye exam by an eye doctor. Detecting and treating changes in your eyes early, before there are symptoms, is the best way to preserve your vision.

    Is there anything more important than seeing the faces of those you love? This Valentine’s Day, show your eyes some love by getting a comprehensive eye exam. We encourage you to contact any of one of our 5 Apex Eye offices to schedule your eye exam and receive the specialized care that diabetic patients need.

    About Apex Eye:

    Apex Eye is a leading ophthalmology group established in 1987. With eleven (11) board certified ophthalmologist, three (3) optometrists, and specialists in Glaucoma, Cornea, Retina and Oculoplastic. Whether it is a comprehensive eye exam, medical treatment of eye diseases and disorders, cataract or other advanced eye surgery, the Apex Eye team of eye care professionals are devoted to the highest quality patient care. Apex Eye serves patients in five (5) convenient locations throughout Greater Cincinnati including Fairfield, Green Township, Kenwood, Mason and Montgomery. Set your sights higher with Apex Eye.

    Information courtesy Apex Eye

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