Bengals Mock Draft 19.0: Analyzing three sites full seven-round picks

Richard Skinner analyzes three different wesite full seven-round mock drafts for the Bengals. (WKRC)

NOTE: Since midway through the 2017 Bengals regular-season has taken a look at potential help for the 2018 season via the NFL Draft in late April through various mock drafts. The early looks at mock drafts have led to full seven-round mock drafts for the team and there will be a final one on April 25 just before the Draft will be held (here is my final 2017 mock draft).

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - With my final full seven-round Bengals mock draft coming the day before the real NFL Draft begins on April 26, I will analyze full seven-round mocks from three different sites:, and


  • 1. OT Connor Williams (Texas)
  • 2. S Ronnie Harrison (Alabama)
  • 3. G Wyatt Teller (Virginia Tech)
  • 3 (compensatory). DE Trevon Young (Louisville)
  • 4. C Scott Quessenberry (UCLA)
  • 5. LB Christian Sam (Arizona State)
  • 5 (via trade with Buffalo). DE Breeland Speaks (Mississippi)
  • 5 (compensatory). CB Brandon Facyson (Virginia Tech).
  • 7 (via trade with New England). WR Trey Quinn (SMU)
  • 7 (compensatory). DT Mike Hughes Jr. (UNLV)
  • 7 (compensatory). WR Richie James (Middle Tennessee State)

The Skinny: It's unlikely that Williams will be around when the Bengals pick in the first round, but if he is he would certainly be a solid option. The Bengals are obviously in the market for a safety after flirting with veterans Eric Reid and Kurt Coleman in free agency and Harrison would be a very good pick if he is available. Teller has a third-round grade from, but I just don't think the Bengals will pick a guard above the fifth round. Young has a far worse grade than third round and I don't think the Bengals are seeking another edge rusher. Quessenbery has a third-round grade so perhaps he would be a better option with the third-round comp pick. Sam has a free agent grade, while Speaks has a third-round grade. Facyson is projected in the sixth round so that's not an awful pick. Seventh-round picks are always in the eye of the beholder so it's hard to analyze these.


  • 1. C James Daniels (Iowa)
  • 2. S Ronnie Harrison (Alabama)
  • 3. OT Brandon Parker (North Carolina A&T)
  • 3 (compensatory). RB Jaylen Samuels (North Carolina State)
  • 4. OLB Ja'Von Rolland-Jones (Arkansas State)
  • 5. WR Antonio Callaway (Florida)
  • 5 (via trade with Buffalo). OLB Dorian O'Daniel (Clemson)
  • 5 (compensatory). K Daniel Carlson (Auburn)
  • 7 (via trade with New England). OT K.C. McDermott (Miami, Fla.)
  • 7 (compensatory). WR Alan Lazard (Iowa State)
  • 7 (compensatory). TE Durham Smythe (Notre Dame)

The Skinny: Daniels would be a quality pick in the first round, while Harrison seems to be a popular second-round pick for the team. Parker has a fourth-round grade so his pick seems to be a bit of a reach. Samuels has a fourth-round grade, but the Bengals most likely aren't going to take a running back until late in the fifth round if at all. Rolland-Jones has a seventh-round grade from The Bengals could add a wide receiver in the middle rounds so Callaway fits. O'Daniel has a sixth-round grade so that's not an awful reach. The Bengals picked a kicker last season to challenge Randy Bullock so it's possible they could do that again. Lazard and Smythe have much higher grades that will likely them have them selected in the mid rounds.


  • 1. CB Jaire Alexander (Louisville)
  • 2. ILB Josey Jewell (Iowa)
  • 3. S Armani Watts (Texas A&M)
  • 3 (compensatory). C Mason Cole (Michigan)
  • 4. G Cody O'Connell (Washington State)
  • 5. WR Jordan Lasley (UCLA)
  • 5 (via trade with Buffalo). CB Greg Stroman (Virginia Tech)
  • 5 (compensatory). G Sean Welsh (Iowa)
  • 7 (via trade with New England). RB Kyle Hicks (TCU)
  • 7 (compensatory). OT Nick Gates (Nebraska)
  • 7 (compensatory). DT James Looney (California)

The Skinny: Don't scoff at the Bengals taking a cornerback in the first round - an NFL team can never have too many good ones. The Bengals needs to add depth at linebacker, but Jewell has a third-round grade. As mentioned the Bengals are trying to add depth at safety, but Watts has seventh-round grade. The Bengals will likely address center and Cole has a fourth-round grade so he fits with the third-round comp pick. O'Connell has a seventh-round grade, but he is versatile. Lasley and Stroman both have seventh-round grades.


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