Dec. 6 Andy Dalton press conference transcript: Look back at frustrating loss; being a pro

Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton at his press conference on Wednesday (WKRC).

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton held a press conference on Wednesday to preview Sunday's game against the Chicago Bears (1 p.m. in Paul Brown Stadium) and here is the transcript:

This is the second year in a row talking about hanging on by a thread. Where do you stand as a group, and how do you approach being in this situation again?

“At this point, we just have to handle our business and worry about what we can control, and that’s trying to win every game we play. We’ve been in this position before and made it. I think we made it our first year (2011) — we had to have help, and we were able to make it happen and end the year 9-7. At this point, we’ve just got to win and hope everything falls into place.”

How long did it take to just erase what happened on Monday?

“It’s what you have to do. You’ve got to move on from it. You’ve got to watch the tape and see what you need to get better at. You’ve got to move on, especially with this being a shorter week.”

Do you have any thoughts on what you saw on Monday night, with all the hits and injuries that occurred in that game?

“There are times where hits are going to happen. This is football. You want to protect guys as much as you can. You can’t have anything after the play, or any of that kind of stuff. That’s the stuff you don’t want to happen. For us as players, we’ve got to understand that you want to do it the right way. You don’t want anything bad to happen to anybody.”

We know some of the outrage people on the outside expressed on that subject. But on the inside, a lot of guys say publicly that this is what they signed up for. Is that what you hear from a lot of guys in the locker room?

“I don’t think anybody goes in expecting anything bad to happen. For most guys, we understand the game of football is very physical and stuff can happen. Hopefully everyone personally is going to try to do everything they can to prevent that from happening. There obviously is the risk of something happening playing this game.”

The last few games you guys have played against the Steelers seem to have been played on the brink. Do you think the rivalry is at a tipping point?

“I think it’s been said during the week, but it’s almost every game that it’s coming down to the end. We’ve been close. Obviously they’ve won more than we have since I’ve been here. We’ve been close in a lot of these games. They are always hard-fought games. I keep saying that (laughs).”

Some guys on the defense talked about needing to finish. On offense, it seems like you guys sometimes have your struggles in that area as well. Are you guys talking about the same thing?

“Yeah. If we could’ve gone down (the field) and gotten a field goal or touchdown at any point in that fourth quarter or later in the third quarter, it could’ve changed the game. We’ve got to be better too. It’s not just a defensive thing, it’s something offensively. We had our chances, and we didn’t get it done.”

Some defensive players talked about how the Steelers’ offense changed some of what they were doing with the run game in the second half. Did their defense do anything different on defense in the second half?

“No they didn’t. It wasn’t a drastic change. We just didn’t execute as well as we did in the first half.”

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