Miller Minute: Can't we all just get along?

Miller Minute: Can't we all just get along? (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Social media can either be fun, confounding, or infuriating. Depends on how--and how much--you use it.

Trolls no longer hide under bridges, they populate the internet , waiting to attack. My exchange this week after featuring both Xavier and UC moving up in the rankings was far more civilized. An instructor from a class in Kentucky posted part of it as an example of how a few words can reveal a bias. The words were, that "unlike X, Cincinnati is unbeaten and in first place in its league." Presumably that was supposed to be a slight at second place Xavier.

The partial clip also didn't show that it was leading to reaction from Chris Mack about how unique it is to have two schools so close together so successful. Wait, I didn't use Mick Cronin! A slight at the Bearcats?

Another important lesson for the class, bias can also depend on the ears listening to it. The truth is, we do our best to give equal coverage to both the Musketeers and Bearcats-- the better they do the better for us. I understand hostility is inherent in a rivalry, but the better both play, reflects in their resumes come Selection Sunday. Save just a little sunshine for the other side.

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