Miller Minute: Where are the adults?

Miller Minute: Where are the adults? (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - The meltdown in decorum, decency and adult intervention surrounding the Kings Rec League team being kicked out for sporting racially offensive jerseys has gone national. As is detailed elsewhere on the Local 12 website, the story is too far ranging and offensive to detail in a minute, so I’ll narrow it down to two topics. Walt Gill, the coach of the so called “Wet Dream Team,” and, Tony Rue, a West Clermont assistant coach, the first to make sure a stop was put to the blatant bigotry.

It took until the high schoolers' fourth game, their first outside their own gym, for a call to change. As if the racial slurs aren’t enough, Gill’s players also had printed nicknames with sexual innuendo, beyond the team name. Others mocked the mentally and physically challenged. On the “Wet Dream Team"’s since-deleted Twitter page, and reportedly during games, lots of other offensive taunting from the players was spewed.

Gill’s “apology” included saying he offered to “cover up the names” then, as he put it, “they saw fit” to remove us. A self-proclaimed University of Kentucky hoop fanatic, Gill’s since-deleted Twitter page included pictures of former Wildcats star Aaron Harrison, as well as the 2013 recruiting class that included the Harrison twins and Julius Randle. I wonder what they’d think of your jerseys, Walt?

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