Miller's Minute: Marvin stepping down?

Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis at a press conference at Paul Brown Stadium. (WKRC).

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - As I met with Marvin Lewis on Tuesday for the latest taping of the Bengals Nation show that bears his name, I gave him the courtesy of deciding whether we would discuss the report that he's decided to step down.

As expected, he declined, as he's been doing since Sunday, saying "The answers will come when it's time."

ESPN's Adam Schefter isn't prone to "throwing stuff against the wall", and it's no reach to report a head coach with no contract after his season is leaving.

But why wait? If that's the case, both Lewis and owner Mike Brown should acknowledge it. If assistants Paul Guenther and Darrin Simmons are considered candidates as successors, why not give one of them these final two games on an interim basis to see if they're cut out for it?

I agree that Marvin Lewis deserves to go out on his own terms-- but not these.

Bengals fans deserve a cause for optimism, something to get excited about, like opening a Christmas present.

This is like one you peeked at, know what's in it, then are supposed to act all surprised when it turns out to be exactly what you took a peek at, just two weeks later.

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