Miller's Minute: Anthem protest

Miller's Minute: Anthem protest (MGN)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - I hesitate to even go here, which is really the point of Miller's Minute.

On Tuesday, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin felt compelled to clarify that his players' decision to sit out the anthem before Pittsburgh's game against the Chicago Bears had nothing to do with disrespecting the flag but about team unity, and, specifically to avoid the kind of political debate he's even deeper into now.

Army Captain Alejandro Villanueva actually apologized for being separated from his Steelers teammates at Soldier Field. The Bengals are being criticized for not making a strong enough statement denouncing President Donald Trump's comments and supporting the player's right to protest.

On the NASCAR circuit, Dale Earnhardt, Jr has sided with the NFL players while icon racing Richard Petty says "protesters should move to another country."

National television networks typically timed the pregame so that the anthem came during a commercial break. It is now a broadcast centerpiece, including head counts of who kneeled. The biggest problem seems to be that Americans' inherent rights to protest have been turned into "I'm right and you're wrong." It may be time to take a break from broadcasting the anthem, so there can be progress on what's really brought players to their knees.

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