Miller's Minute: Lack of energy?

Miller's Minute: Lack of energy?

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Andy Dalton called Sunday the worst loss he's ever been part of, the only ones close were at #7 Texas and at #2 Oklahoma his sophomore and junior years at TCU.

The Bears team that visited Cincinnati on Sunday had three wins and was the only offense in the NFL less productive than the Bengals. It was the worst loss at Paul Brown Stadium since Dalton was a sophomore in Ft. Worth, made all the worse by the wretched resume of the team that registered it and that it was their best chance to remain playoff relevant.

Marvin Lewis said Monday that it's not his job to get the players to, as he put it, "turn up the music". Carlos Dunlap, one of the few healthy inspirational leaders with Vontaze Burfict and Adam Jones both sidelined due to injury, basically agreed and said not to blame the coach for the players' lack of intensity.

Some said the Steelers loss took it out of them, which would be the wrong response to getting roughed up by your rival.

Outside of high school, few coaches give the Knute Rockne rah-rah speech anymore. But I've got to believe, making sure your team is emotionally at the level they need to be, is not just an individual responsibility, but has to ultimately come down to the head coach.

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