Miller's Minute: Las Vegas support

(Photo: Ken Lund / CC BY-SA 2.0)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - As the country continues to try and sort out what happened in Las Vegas Sunday night, Tuesday, there were blood donation lines around there, and the sports world chipping in too.

The Raiders, scheduled to move to the city, donated $50,000 dollars to victims families. The NHL's newest team, the Golden Knights, made a donation, and its players went throughout the community to volunteer.

Natives like Anthony Rizzo, Bryce Harper, Kyle Busch, Demarco Murray and Kris Bryant all tweeted out support, as did scores of other athletes and teams. Before Monday night's game in Kansas City, the Chiefs and Redskins observed a moment of silence for the victims. Then there was KC safety Marcus Peters, with the flag and anthem controversy evolving, the two-time Pro Bowler sat through the National Anthem.

If the protest is about minority treatment by police, this would have been a good night to reverse course and stand in tribute to the first responders, including the security guard who took a bullet through the door when he got to the shooter's room.

This would've also been a good time for the Seahawks' Michael Bennett to retract his accusation of being racially profiled by police during a recent shooting incident in a Las Vegas casino, now that body vest cam video clearly shows the opposite, it's likely those same officers who responded Sunday night.

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