Miller's Minute: Votto wasting away while former Reds play on

Miller's Minute: Reds playoff drought continues (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Had withdrawals Tuesday night due to the rain-out, especially on a non-football night, which leads us to Wednesday's Miller's Minute.

Withdrawal is a common feeling for Reds fans once baseball hits this time of the year, The franchise hasn't won a postseason game since blowing a 2-0 lead to lose three straight at home to the Giants 5-years ago. Their last series win was 1995, five years after the "Nasty Boys" won the World Series. It's been a long drought, with no imminent end in sight.

If you enjoy baseball's playoffs, there are familiar faces. Dusty Baker managed the last postseason triumph, after a 90-win season in 2012, he's managing the Nationals now.

The Yankees are benefiting from Didi Gregorius and Todd Frazier and leaning heavily on Aroldis Chapman, who won it all with the Cubs last year.

The Indians have right/left thunder from Edwin Encarnacion and Jay Bruce.

What makes it even more painful, is that the Reds have little or nothing to show for those guys.

Joey Votto, coming off the best season of a career headed for Cooperstown, says he wants to be a Red for life, and be here when they put it all together.

He'll be 35 by the end of next season, and there's still a lot to put together to even contend.

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