MILLER'S MINUTE: Reed may not be the Masters champ some want, but he earned it

Reed may not be the Masters champ some want, but he earned it (MGN)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Patrick Reed is your Masters champ, not the one name guys, like Tiger, Lefty, Rory, or Bubba.

McIlroy went head to head Sunday and folded, Speith charged to a tie, and Reed immediately regained the sole lead.

I admit I was curious why he got kicked off the Georgia golf team, reportedly he committed golf's greatest sin, moved his ball, cheated on a scorecard.

I also read the compelling story of his estranged family, watching the Masters from the house he lived in while playing for Augusta State's two-time national champs.

The reporting of the time he had his parents removed at the US Open. Sounds cruel, but is a major tournament, which is perhaps not the place for a spontaneous reunion with a son you haven't been speaking to?

We're told his college teammates didn't get along with him, and he keeps to himself on the Ryder Cup team, even though he's called "Captain America" for his on-course heroics.

Maybe I wouldn't like him much either if I met him, but I love his game, his grit, and can't wait to see how he responds to this further isolation of himself, and wife and former caddy Justine.

I expect he'll answer the way he did last weekend, not in an interview or news conference. If he wants to stay private and let his game do the talking. Let him be.

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