Miller's Minute: Selection Sunday show somewhat stupidly structured

Selection Sunday Show Somewhat Stupidly Structured

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Did you happen to catch the latest Selection Sunday show, which for eternity had been on Local 12?

This time TBS had the honors, and just to add to the confusion, it was hosted by TNT studio guys, with a handful of CBS stalwarts thrown in.

This is a pretty easy/obvious target, but count me among the countless majority that gives a thumbs down to naming the entire field right off the top: ALPHABETICALLY!

Gone is the anticipation at a school on the bubble as to whether it will get in or not.

It just took any sense of true suspense out of it.

Louisville, Middle Tennessee, and Notre Dame found out they weren’t invited to the dance when they got to the M’s, N’s, AND O’s, and realized they hadn’t been called yet.

You’re also asking the NBA’s Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith, who haven’t covered college basketball all season, to suddenly offer expert analysis on 68 teams.

The Sunday in March we’ve been circling on the calendar since it turned to 2018 turned out to be the biggest snub of all…the audience’s.

Thankfully, the tournament promises to be anything but.

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