NewCath students host basketball game to raise money for Special Olympics teams

Newcath students host basketball game to raise money for Special Olympics teams (Enxel Photography)

NEWPORT, Ky. (WKRC) - A game of hoops helped raise money for local athletes and had a touching ending.

The Newport Central Catholic intramural champions took on members of Orange Crush -- the northern Kentucky Special Olympics team.

The Orange Crush won the inaugural charity game, but that wasn't what anyone in the gym will remember about that night.

The best moment came in the final minute when 10-year-old Carson Vieth, whose siblings also attend Newcath, was asked to come on the court for the final shot. Lifted onto a student's shoulders, he made the shot and the student body stormed the court.

Like a scene from the iconic movie 'Rudy', Carson was carried off the court.

The event was inspired by NewCath students, Chloe and Brady Hicks. Their sister Ashley played for Orange Crush.

Their mother, Donna Hicks, said, "The fact that all of this came together out of love, compassion, and a genuine desire to lift up a team of individuals while supporting a great cause makes me more proud than I have ever been to be an alumni. Everything about last night was selfless, and I am so grateful that my children are a part of this school/community."

The event raised nearly $3,000 for the northern Kentucky Special Olympics.

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