Wednesday Wraparound: [game redacted] recap and signing day

Wednesday Wraparound: [game redacted] recap, and signing day

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Another week, another wraparound. Let's get into it.

What a [game redacted]

When I was a kid growing up in the 1990's, I'd always watch the [game redacted] but man, the games were BRUTAL. Cowboys would roll, the Niners would roll, the game itself wouldn't have been watched if it wasn't the last game we had to tide us over until the next fall. Recently, the [game redacted] has been incredible. We were treated to another great finish this past year, with the Eagles overcoming the Patriots. So much to dissect from this game, including Nick Foles' performance.

Took some stones to call that on fourth and one. Speaking of stones, the Philly fans got some liquid courage after the game.

The way people from Philadelphia talk about Wawa, as if it's somehow this five star restaurant masquerading as a gas station convenience store, you'd think they'd respect it a little more than this.

Also, I know there's video of a Philly fan eating what comes out of the south side of a horse. I'm not linking to that. You can go find it if you wish. Philadelphia has the right to celebrate however it chooses, and I honestly do think there's a contingent inside every fan base that gets a little carried away when their team wins. Philly is no different. You want to throw Tastycakes at each other at the James Beard awarded Wawa, have at it.

What is going on?

While Rob Gronkowski was playing in the Super Bowl, someone robbed his house. Here's his 911 call when he returned.

Some people, man. On the brighter side, former UC Bearcat and now [game redacted] champion Jason Kelce got super emotional after the biggest win of his career.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention right next to Kelce is another local product who is now at the top of the mountain. Right guard Brandon Brooks, a Miami University grad, graded out as one of the top offensive guards this year. This past summer, Brooks attended a wedding when, on a whim, Geoff Lane, the groom and long-time Philly fan, asked him to come on a whim. I did a little something on it when it happened.

Brooks seems like a great dude. The Los Angeles Times also had a great story on Brooks overcoming his anxiety disorder.

I'm here for Timberlake

Listen, if you watched Justin Timberlake's performance and didn't like it, like Josh Sneed says, you were determined not to like it before it even started.

Here's the performance. Watch it again. It is unlike any [game redacted] halftime show that's ever happened before it, and it will be hard to top going forward.

If you can watch this show and honestly say that there wasn't a ton of time put in to make it exciting and keep it flowing AND fit in more songs than I think ANY Super Bowl haftime show has ever featured-- just go ahead and have another handful of pigs in a blanket and never watch television again.

One of the main critiques was that he didn't sing. So what?? He wasn't trying to sing every single line, he was dancing for half the show. This was a performance.

Also, the Prince thing. I get that there are reports that Prince wouldn't have approved of the tribute, and specifically asked that things like Justin did not be done in his honor. I thought the tribute was fantastic, but if Prince wouldn't have approved then that should have been taken into consideration. That aspect aside, I thought it was an all-time [game redacted] halftime show.

Looking forward

Richard Skinner not only has a killer podcast, but he's been beating the bushes putting together mock drafts for your reading pleasure. He's already up to 12. Make sure to find Skinny's mocks because he includes what he thinks, and what everyone else is thinking.

Signing day

The annual rite of passage for high school football athletes to transition to the college game was a bit dampered this year with the early signing period, but it was a great day for local athletes. Look elsewhere on for our recap of GMC signing day. Seems to be an event that gets bigger and bigger each year.

On the national stage, this is a must see. A recruits OWN MOTHER walked out when he picked Florida. Ouch.

That's a rough, rough go. If mama ain't happy, nobody's happy. Also, after the comedic coaching search Tennessee conducted this offseason, what Quay Walker did to them today?? Just straight piling on.

Hang in there, Tennessee. Recruits still have until Midnight on Wednesday to commit, but here's 24/7's rankings of the classes, with a very, very strong showing out of Luke Fickell and the Cincinnati Bearcats.


So, after losing the [game redacted], Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels was supposedly all set to become the new head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. Even though a contract wasn't signed, it seemed emminent. Well, turns out it wasn't.

ProFootballTalk was all over this, and Mike Florio couldn't help but channel Degeneration X when announcing to the haters on Twitter that he had the scoop all along.

Dial it back a notch or ten, Mike. I also enjoyed this little nugget from PFT on the situation.

I love it when a team has to announce on their own that a rivalry is back on. The Colts have had injury issues over the last few years, and there was a minute or two when they did have a nice battle with the Patriots, but this is poor form. You can't announce that a rivalry is back, your play has to dictate that. You go out and beat them a few times, then it's back. This is like when Bob Diaco created the Civil ConFLiCT out of thin air when he was the coach at UConn.

Bottom line is McDaniels left the Colts at the altar. He wasn't the first coach to pull the move and he won't be the last. Indy still has a great chance to land a great head coach.

I am lothe to do this

I cannot STAND Pittsburgh. I don't like any team from that city, and I never ever will. Last year, I went to the Pittsburgh NHL Winter Classic with some of my friends who are Penguins fans, and I wore a Joe Pavelski jersey. I was ridiculed more than fans of the Flyers, the team that Pittsburgh was playing that night. I am a Sharks fan, and under no circumstances in the name of comfort or camraderie would I have EVER worn a Pittsburgh jersey of any kind. They are a bunch of cheaters. But, their tribute to former goalie Marc-Andre Fleury Tuesday night...

Good on you, Pittsburgh. It's rare thing to see that city do a nice thing for an athlete that left the city to play elsewhere. Maybe it was because the Penguins left Fleury unprotected in the expansion draft that they were so nice to him when he came back. He would NEVER have left that awesome city willingly, I'm sure. Anyway, a nice tribute.

Book recommendation

Here's the book for the week folks. David Halberstam was one of the best authors of the 20th century, and one of the last books he penned before his death was a fantastic read on Bill Belichick. I had this book in mind to recommend because I assumed the Patriots would win this weekend, but it's a great book on one of the best, and least accessable, coaches ever.


-- So, Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson got traded.

-- LeBron James chose a charity to donate his winnings should his team win the NBA All-Star game this weekend, and, like with everything LeBron James does, people are reading into it.

-- The Greek Freak Giannis Antetokounmpo did a silly thing on Tuesday night. No wonder Magic Johnson can't stop talking about him.

-- I don't know why I found this so funny, but I had to laugh. Just the savage imagry of it all.

That's the end of the Wraparound this week. See you next Wednesday.

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